{ abbie & daryl } hong kong.


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  • these are so great!! Fantastic as usual!

  • Congratulations, Abbie and Daryl :) Sarah and I were so sad that we couldn’t be there, but at least we have Dan’s amazing skills to give us a glimpse :) Looks like so much fun! We’re very happy for you two :)

    Dan, thanks for going to HK again and giving Sarah and I the gift of seeing the wedding up close. Gangsta, as always … Especially now that you’ve fought off paparazzi!

  • Abbie

    We love you Dan and sarah!!! Thanks so much for flying over, we absolutely LOVE the pics! You captured all the best moments… the emotions and fun… Amazing shots. And we had a good laugh about the newspaper clipping- love how they captured you! Thanks so much again! :)

  • Priscilla Boyle

    Love love love the pics! But you guys already know that now. :p Great captures!!

  • Erica

    Dan & Sarah, thank you for taking such beautiful pictures and capturing all the special moments!! When I see how happy and lovely Abbie looks with Daryl by her side, it really touches my heart! It was also a real privilege and so fun to pose for your pictures, I never thought I would get to experience something like that! And lastly, it was a pleasure to meet you and I pray that your talents and business would go from strength to strength!

  • jared

    good thing the camera blocked your face, otherwise the real identity of spiderman would’ve been revealed … oops did i just give it away. *delete comment*