{ hello }

i’ve been shooting weddings since the early 2000s. before there was instagram, back when digital photography was still in its infancy, and when wedding blogs were few and far between. a lot has changed since then. today, ‘wedding photography’ is a big business, and just another clog in the wedding industry machine. things were different before instagram; today, everything’s the same– for better or worse.

over the course of a decade i’ve resisted much of social media and advertising, and instead chose to shoot weddings organically through word of mouth and close relationships with my clients. over 400 weddings later, in over 20 countries, and 4 continents, i couldn’t have asked for more. i’ve worked with the best wedding planners in the U.S. and have shot at among the most beautiful venues in the world. and my work has appeared in multiple publications: the knot, brides magazine, tatlers, marie claire, among others.

in addition to my commercial, editorial and fashion work, which can be seen {here}, i also freelance write for academic online journals and lifestyle publications. i have a masters degree in philosophy and psychoanalysis, and an advanced masters degree in phenomenology. when i’m not working on photography, i’m passionate about exploring the concept of the ‘non-binary’ in my writing and personal creative work.

all of this shapes who i am as a human, as a creative, and as your wedding photographer.

{ wtf is ‘chennergy’ anyways }

when i was in college, for a brief period of time some friends referred to me as “the numba one chenner”, which was a play on my last name and a popular rap song at the time. so when i started my photography business and wanted to come up with a catchy name, chenner+energy resulted in chennergy. if ‘energy’ is that thing within all of us that animates our bodies to express this thing called ‘life’, then this is what i’m all about: feeling all the affects, emotions and energy of life on your wedding day and channeling all that into images.

a couple once said to me, “you don’t treat people as objects, you treat them as subjects, and that’s why your photography is so honest.” this is really all that i’m about, capturing honest and genuine moments from the wedding day.

if you’d like to connect, feel free to send a message to dan@roeyyohaistudios.com, or call/text 646-934-2381.

IG: @dan_rystudios

for booking inquiries: studio@roeyyohaistudios.com