{ about chennergy }

when it comes to work, first and foremost i’m an artist. both a creative and academic, i express these qualities through photography and writing.

i’m proud to be based in queens, nyc, the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world. i strive for my work to express the same diversity.

though i currently reside in ny, i wouldn’t say i’m from anywhere. my work has taken me across the world and my travels have helped shape both who i am and my creative energies.

i’ve also studied philosophy in europe, from which i have two graduate degrees, and have published academic work.

my travels, my academic background, and being part of a mixed family of artists are all forces that enrich and empower my creativity.

a couple once said to me, “you don’t treat people as objects, you treat them as subjects, and that’s why your photography is so honest.”

when i’m not doing commercial or wedding photography to pay the bills, i work on my passion project here– mixdfeelz.com

to reach me, feel free to send a message to dan@chennergy.com, or call/text 646-934-2381.