{ alice & andrew } los angeles, ca.


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  • Beautiful moving images but the shots of the bride with the teddy bear are the money.

  • Doug K

    Nice work, captures the moment as it is.

  • Brian Kim

    Very nice… makes me think back to our wedding day. =)

  • Alice

    @Brian, why? Because you had the same photographer? =) Thank you, Dan and team, for capturing the story of our day! You really caught all the parts!

  • Dan… you killed it man! Great shots! Especially the ones during the portrait session. (that robot is freaking awesome!)

  • ce

    holy moly!!! these are awesome pics. are you for hire for a corporate event? october, san francisco

  • Awu

    how cute!!!! i’m melting.

  • joyce

    absolutely gorgeous! love the cufflinks, andrew!

  • vee

    makes me happy :)