{ dana & hunter } los angeles, CA.

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  • angie

    okay these people are amazing. love them.

  • you are an artist. beautiful job, dan.

  • Oh Dan Chen. I’m speechless. Absolutely blown.
    THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!!!!!!! You are a joy, yourself. Thank you for recognizing the “thing” in us that made it possible for you to be our lens. You’re a gift and we’re richer for having you be a part of our day. Thank you forever and ever and ever.

  • You are a true artist! These pictures are stunning.
    Congratz Dana and Hubby… your photos are awesome!

  • Jenny

    I don’t have a man yet… but should I book you NOW?! I am in utter awe. I HAVE to know how you make your photos look like this! I am an amateur photographer and LOVE this style! Not that I want to rip you off, it’s just that you’ve inspired me!!

    AND you HAVE to take the photos at my future Wedding. I don’t even care that you hear that all the time! ;-)

  • incredible! i love the vintage carnival feel. after helping dana with her invites, i feel the same way. they’re just a fun couple that is really excited about life together.

  • Janet LaRue

    Oh Dan-wow-what can I say-you did have 2 beautiful subjects and you made them look even more beautiful-I’ve never seen wedding pictures that had such action in them-in faces and in movement. Thank you so much for what you did for Dana and Hunter.

  • Wow!! Beautiful – I can’t get over the vintage feel. I love it.

  • Andrew

    I’ve known Hunter and Dana for a few years now, and although we no longer see each other, these pictures absolutely bring out the best qualities of both of them. beautiful, unique, and fascinating imagery…a classic wedding in modern times. Congratulations!

  • gotta give it up dan you really caught the spirit of that day. lovely job! -MA

  • Absolutely Stunning!!! You captured all the fun of that whole day. Brilliant job.
    I am writing a post about these shots. Everyone who will ever want a photo taken of themselves should see these. hehehe

  • Seriously stunning. My jaw is on the desk and I can’t stop oohing and aahing.!

  • Hunter

    Dan, you sir are amazing! These pics are fantastic and the words before them are incredibly touching. Thank you so much for being a part of this incredible moment in our lives, and allowing us to save them forever in the coolest way possible. I can now prove to my future kid that not only did I have a fro on my wedding day, but also half a cake on my face:-)

  • hanna

    oh my goodness, there are some lovely lovely shots in here. i love one of the first dance ones, i love the blacked out bouquet toss one. i love the backdrops, the way you captured california landscape. LOVE IT

  • tto

    ridic. truly, crazy, fabulously ridic.

  • Penelope Hunter-Stiebel

    Dan you have achieved the near-impossible,–banishing the stale
    clichés of wedding photography and creating a personal artistic essay on a great moment in the lives of two young people and their families. Bravo!

  • Penelope Hunter-Stiebel

    Dan you achieved the near-impossible,—banishing the stale clichés of wedding photography to create a personal artistic essay on a great moment in the lives of two young people and their families. Bravo!

  • absolutely stunning photos. captured the fun and love beautifully.

  • These are, simply, my favorite wedding photos after my own, EVER. And I have been saturated with wedding photos for about four years now.

    Just absolutely phenomenal.

  • Joanie Sharp

    HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!! How in the world will they ever choose?

  • These are amazing. Wow. I’m completely floored.

  • Okay, TOTAL wedding envy + photographer envy. Congratulations Dana, Hunter & Dan Chen, you’ve created a holy trinity of wedding pic perfection. Incredible work. Wow.

  • Lindsey Margraf

    These pictures are absolutely breathtaking. I continue to be amazed at the work that you do, you truly are an artist and it is clear that you love what you do.

  • These images are just stunning. Congratulations Dana & Hunter!

  • I’ve seen snippets of your work/Dana & Hunter’s wedding here and there but only just now clicked on the link to your blog. I hate to be stereotypical, but EEEEEEEEEEEEEE is all I can think, your work is *phenomenal* — makes me wish I could through some huge shin dig and drag you here to Texas, but alas, my wedding is done and over with. Maybe I can think of something :D — *fabulous* work, congrats (not sure if that’s really the appropriate thing to say, but when I did a kickass job, I like to hear that :D)!

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  • Holy crap.
    What an amazing job you did for this amazing bride and groom. Dana, I don’t know you that well, but man, you are one lucky girl. Enjoy these beautiful images. hugs xoxox cat

  • These are such breathtaking photographs. i am going to remember your work whenever I get married or whenever I have a special event. Beautiful!!!!

  • LOVE your work!! Your ama-zing!!!!

  • These are wonderful.

  • these are IN-credible…

  • stephanie

    Honestly, I have NEVER seen more beautiful wedding photography! I came across these photos by chance through a google search of travel blogs (?) and have now spent two full hours marveling at your talents! I’m getting married next summer and am seriously considering begging you to travel to Nebraska (yes, Nebraska :) to make my photos just as amazing. You are truely gifted!! -Best, Stephanie

  • Candice

    Wow. You have completely inspired me. This is what I aspire to be.

  • these photos are stunningly beautiful…a mixture of your amazing skills and the beauty of the people you were photographing. such pure emotion….

  • oh my gosh.
    i love your photography!
    i want my wedding pics to be exactly like these someday!
    i’m in love.

  • These photos are incredible! They are the most amazing wedding photos I’ve ever seen. The wedding looked like so much fun!

  • Oh my gosh… those are the most incredible wedding photos I’ve ever seen!

  • prima

    beautiful moment. beautiful pictures. :)

  • stunning! absolutely stunning. what kind of camera did you use to shoot this wedding?

  • Yodalis

    Wow, these photographs are truly beautiful. Everything looked like it was taken out of a great romantic comedy. These pics definitely put a smile on my face. Great choice of couple, awesome job at capturing the love they have for each other.

  • Tina

    Congratulation on these photos. They are absolutly stunning. I just came around because I was reading on twitter about wedding photos and got curious as I will be marrying myself. Now, I know what kind of photos I would like to have. Congratualation again and of course also the very best to the happy couple.
    Tina, from Austria (living in Berlin)

  • Melissa

    These are some of the most beautiful and personal wedding photos I have ever seen. You’ve done an amazing job!!!

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