{ catharina & jeremy } palm springs, ca.


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  • Fran Murphy

    Wow, the pictures convey the happiness and love of that day.

  • Casey Murphy

    Moments captured beautifully ! Love coming
    through the lens. Life, Love and Happiness
    captured again and again . Tears in my eyes.
    So true that a picture is worth a thousand

  • Jessica Voskanian

    These pictures are unbelievable, they truly capture the feeling of the day as well as Cat & Jeremy’s personality!! Just spectacular!

  • Kim Haley

    Everything about this day was just so special. These pictures captured the essence of this day. Love them!

  • Stephen Koh

    Simply sensational !!

  • Rob

    Simply put, these are the most amazing wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Yes, the subjects are both extremely photogenic, but these shots are beyond what I could have imagined – wow.

  • unfreaking real. you guys are so so so talented – what a wedding day story. God bless you two!!

  • kat

    Beautiful wedding! made me cry! im so happy for you guys…-kat #1

  • Serena Tan

    Dear Catharina & Jeremy,

    I can see the love and happiness glowing from both faces.

    Aunty Serena

  • jasmine

    Amazing! You know I love your blog!!!

  • Albert Gaw

    Congratulations to Catharina and Jeremy, and their proud parents.

    What a day!

    Tina and Albert Gaw

  • Kristen A. Harrell

    You two were AWESOME!!! I love all the pictures I have seen already and CANNOT wait to see the rest! You made my low budget intimate affair look, literally, like we spent 1000000 dollars. Thanks you 100x over!