{ charlene & johan } san francisco, the proposal.


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  • So ridiculously good.

  • Michael Yee

    blown away, as always.

  • Lana

    This gives me chills. So great.

  • char

    You never seize to amaze me! Thank you so much for being there!!

  • alice


  • Anika

    Wow these are absolutely outstanding! I especially love the shots in the water.
    Also, by any chance have you heard about The Wedding Salon’s Chicago event that’s coming up? Since you’re obviously involved in the wedding industry, it might be right up your alley – http://bit.ly/nr9u6s :)

  • What a beautiful story to have told. Beautiful! I actually had to scroll back up to see if I had understood it all properly… what a smart guy and what a beautiful set of images. I can’t wait for the video.

  • Amy

    I am smitten over this set!
    Soo looking forward to the video :)

  • Annie

    I agree, I’m smitten too. Char, I’m so happy for you! You two make a beautiful couple!

  • […] The simplicity, beauty and raw, genuine love depicted in this amazingly shot save-the-date video by Dan Chen blew me away (and had me crying in my office).┬áJohan: you are a very special man. Charlene: you […]

  • I loved the proposal video. And I am in love with that stripped red/navy shirt she is wearing. Where is it from? I want one.