{ claudia & bryan } disneyland.


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  • Flare. Harsh light. Blur. You ain’t scared of breaking rules.

    Every time you post, I try to figure out what it is I like. This time, I decided that a small part of it is your ability to make the plain and average into something different and unique. All with that 35 and 85 of yours (right?).

    Anyways, blurry picture of the girl spinning? My fav.

    You’d think it was me who just got engaged by the way I’m gushing.

    I’m done. Well done (to you).

  • Claudia Ung

    OMG I sooo <3 these…thanks for truly capturing us, I think you did a great job at showing who we were in the pictures :)

  • i LOVE disneyland…this is by far the most creative and non-cliche disneyland shoot ever!

  • Wow, you rock! Great light indoors as well as outdoors. You just can’t help smiling to some of them ! :)

  • love the colours. this is some fiiiine work Dan. pulling this off at disneyland too! You deserve grape candy.

  • hanna

    i love love love the beach images, the surfboards, the one with the femme in a teacup….etc. what a fun cute couple.

  • hanna

    oh and YES, move out.

  • abegail

    loves the pictures….so cute!!!

  • I honestly adore your work & am inspired with every old & new post I come across. Awesome work and you did it all in my backyard! You are awesome, your work speaks for itself! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jennifer Ferrer

    I loove them. Soooo cuuute! Prbly the best engagement pictures i’ve seen yet!! I love you bj and clauds!

  • Claudia in the cup is my all time favourite. I would frame that and I don’t even know her.

    This is possibly my favourite ever engagement session. Killed it!