{ dede & nick } brooklyn, ny.



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  • Kirby

    These are amazing! Dede and Nick’s personalities and happiness really shine through. You really captured their spirit. Excellent photos!

  • Gillian

    DAN! Once again you leave me speechless. You so effortlessly and beautifully capture the joy that Dede and Nick experienced on that day and the true love they share. What a wonderful way to relive that perfect day with your perfect pictures…We are not worthy :)

  • Jill

    Just beautiful! The happiness captured is just breathtaking! Great job!

  • Cait

    Such beautiful work to represent what was such a perfect day! The colors are outstanding and you really captured the true love and happiness expressed by the bride, groom and guests alike!

  • Ellen

    These photos are treasures! So artful.

  • Ted

    You guys look great, WOW! What an amazing and memorable day.

  • Sally

    Gorgeous photographs of a gorgeous couple! They all deserve framing.

  • Tiffany

    I mean so you’re planning on wallpapering your apartment with all of these, right??? You two. These are gorgeous and you’re the best and it makes my heart hurt that I didn’t see this in person, but I’m living vicariously through these incredible photos. Love them all.

  • Danny

    i adore all of these photos! the colors and light are perfect.
    it really captures the energy and love the day of the wedding. they certainly are to be treasured photos!

  • Kristin

    amazing amazing amazing. Too many favorites to choose from! Such a beautiful job capturing the joy of the day and the personalities of the couple!!

  • jane

    Every photo is AMAZING!!

  • Mahan

    Unbelievably beautiful! The pictures really capture the beauty of the day and the beauty of your love!! Seriously some of the best wedding pics I’ve ever seen!