{ elizabeth & brett } los angeles.

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  • love the light in their space.. (or… wherever this was shot) great photo of the macs at night!

  • Love the Mac shots…that is hilarious that they have that many computers. Cool place, too :)

  • I been quietly lurking at the blog via reader and I had to come out of the shadows to comment on this wonderful session. With each image I scroll down I felt it was the last one because it was just so much better than the one before but it kept on going and building even more tension. It was almost anxiety. I didn’t think I could take any more after image ‘1019’ but then you took me to ‘apple heaven’ and a soothing feeling overtook me and the last two images and their cool blue colors. A glass of wine to calm the soul and life was good again. I just realized I sound a little crazy but I wanted to thank you for the great images and just share my experience viewing them. Back to the shadows I go.

    True inspiration.


  • omg, the macs. best. ever… what a nice comforting warm glow ;)

  • Dude, love these photos… lots of cool playful moody colors going on, and as always, love those reflections!

  • you really outdid yourself. so creative, unique and well shot. you’re a standout, there’s no other like you and that’s special.

  • thats all kinds of incredible. glad i found you.