{ eunice & andrew } nyc.


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  • eeps! i went to school with eunice! amazing set…didn’t expect anything less!

  • eunice

    we had so much fun with you guys!!! can’t wait to see the rest! thanks so much xoxo

  • What a great photo shoot!! :) How come people are so good-lookin’ in nyc? Geez louise. haha

  • Jackson Mendes

    Beautiful pictures!!! Eunice and Kim are easy models to be photographed. This is only the beginning, I can’t wait to see the other ones. Congrats to Eunice and Kim to choose a professional photographer. Kisses from Fabiana and Jackson.

  • jasmine

    awwwwwwww my favorites!!! you guys look so so super adorbs!

  • Usually wedding photography can be boring or cliché to look at, but these pictures are vibrant and capture a very genuine energy from the subjects. Keep at it Dan. Congrats to the couple as well :)