for photographers

there are no photoshop actions.
no lightroom presets.
nothing to buy from us to make your lives easier, sorry.
we don’t believe in copyright either.
any unspoken rules of copyright are just vain attempts for people to hold onto whatever illusion of power they think they have.
however that being said we dont feel the need to explain how we render our images.
we basically just move the sliders in the levels layer back and forth.
for curious amateur/pro photographers
all we can say is to keep working hard to develop your own aesthetic.
we didn’t go to school for this and no one threw us any bones when we first started.
the results of your hardwork are all the more sweet when you know you got there on your own
not to say you should be egotistic about it or discount the value of community
but privilege is a funny thing and none of us here grew up with any.
feel free to totally rip off of our style/colors/ideas if you feel like.
from my point of view, if you can spin something better
then do it.
art begs to be remixed.
nothing is fixed, everything is in a state of becoming.

body, brain, eyes, and intuition.
5D mk 3s.
3 prime lenses.
and that’s pretty much it.

lightroom from start to finish.

if we vibe with you then it’s on.
no need to have a crazy portfolio.
we care about character.
and dont fake your heart of gold you wont fool us.
assistants on gigs are paid according to experience.
we have two cats.
and our studio is our home. our home our studio.
we live humbly,
our approach to most things simple and minimalistic.
so if you’re looking for experience in some crazy big studio
don’t expect that here. :)

we don’t do these, again, because we’re allergic to all things commercial.
coming from education and academic backgrounds,
we also don’t believe workshops to be the best medium through which learning is fostered.
our philosophy of education needs desperately to be reformed.
however here is not the place for that conversation.
we are open to one-on-one tutorial/consultation sessions.
there are no fees for this since we find it weird to be paid for human interaction.
however you might be disappointed when we wind up talking more about philosophy than photography.