{ freya & whit } jaipur, india. samode palace


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  • Sri

    Dan and David….WOW!!!!! You’ve outdone yourselves this time… do not have the words to express how beautifully you have captured our emotions and the breathtaking sense of place…you are the BEST!!!

  • Ellen and Ed

    Dan and David, the pictures are fabulous! They do a beautiful job capturing not only the images, but the experience surrounding Freya and Whit’s storybook wedding. Plus, it was so much fun having you with us – thank you!!

  • rish

    thank you so much for making us live those lovely moments again – the images are spectacular!

  • Zainab

    Dan and David…thank you for capturing these amazing moments sooo beautifully! And Sri, Aks, Ellen, Ed…and Freya and Whit…thank you for creating them!

  • Aks

    Beyond fantastic, Dan and David! An incredible job that distills the heart, the life and the emotions of those two days so eloquently, wondrously, magnificently…

  • sage

    wow guys. simply stunning. the bar is raised yet again. thankfully my parents are out of kids ;)

  • Farah

    Absolutely amazing pictures.

  • Michael Yee

    Dude. Insane!

  • Chuck

    Holy images, Spiderman…