{ ing & charles } santa ana, ca.

too. much. fun.

tea ceremony- phansavath residence
ceremony+reception- heritage museum of orange county

happy holidays everyone!


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  • angie

    they are so stinkin *CUTE*!!!!!!!!!

  • awwww great personality these two. :)

  • Ing

    Holy tuna tataki chennergy! We are being taken back to our wedding day from the few pics that are uploading for us here. Can’t wait to get to a real computer with real access to see the rest. Happy new year!

  • This is SO HOT!!!!

  • Dudley D

    Genius! Just pure genius!

    Yo man…those are REALLY nice.

    Quite often you see wedding pictures and they are so-so…these are elegant, different and make us seem like giants!

    Very cool, thanks brotha & sis!

  • angela

    These are amazing photos! Ing and Chuck, you guys had one awesome ceremony and these photos capture the day perfectly!

  • Jacque

    Gorgeous photos! So fun!! My cheeks hurt just looking at them, yours must’ve been killin’!

  • Marie and Max

    Love the pictures!!!

  • Darlene aka Aunt Pumpkin

    WOW! BEAUTIFUL, JUST BEAUTIFUL! Have been waiting on these. I shall share them with all my friends!!!! :)

  • All I can say is…Awwwwwwww! Thank you for allowing me to share in your union. Great photos, I believe the essences of love was definitely captured for all to enjoy. Blessings to you as you begin your lives together. Peace and love boss.

  • Steve & V

    Love it! You both are wonderful and the pictures were an example of how great both of you are. :) Best wishes.

  • helene

    wow wonderful pix from a wonderful day….thank you again,that we could share this with you…

  • Alexis

    Simply gorgeous! The love, fun and romance shared between you two is fantastic. I’m so pleased I was able to share the experience with the both of you. One day soon I’ll bring over some festive beverages and look at the rest of the pics including the ones from the honeymoon.

  • Natallie Gentles-Gibbs

    Ing & Charles, Davia shared these with me. Your wedding was clearly beautiful and it was evident you guys had a boat load of fun. Happy New Year and Best Wishes!

  • Shou

    Amazing wedding and beautiful pictures
    I’m glad I shared this moment with you guys
    Happy New Year and all the best for 2011