{ jenn & scott } milwaukee art museum.


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  • Mary Johnsen

    Fabulous pictures. Definitely liked the different techniques used to capture key moments. Would love to have a do over of this perfect day with the perfect couple!

  • Terri Anstett

    Beautiful photos! Beautiful wedding!

  • Scott Jessee

    Photo’s are amazing! Thanks Dan to you and team! Fantastic work!!!

  • Joy Andress

    These pictures capture so many moods, colors, and emotions. Absolutely the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen. The clarity is fantastic.

  • Jill Wade

    Absolutely beautiful! I laughed and I cried.

  • Frank R. Tom

    The photos are the best I have ever seen of a wedding & receiption. Thanks for sharing them with me.

  • Kathy Anstett

    Beautiful pictures.

  • Maxanne Noel-Ragusa

    When I first saw the buttons, I thought OMG … and then the rest. Unbelievable. By far THE best pics I’ve ever seen of a wedding or any other event. To capture such moments in time is a gift from God. I live near New Orleans and wasn’t able to attend. My heart races at the thought that so much was caught by the photographer’s eye. These photos will be cherished by all, not only by your friends and family, but by generations to come.

  • Judy Manly

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

  • Carol Rudebeck

    Gorgeous photos that captured every moment of a beautiful day! I know they will be treasured for a lifetime, just as Jen and Scott treasure each other. So happy I could be part of such a wonderful day!