{ judith & neal } borderlands. el paso, tx

“For Neal, the experience of growing up on the border as part of neither country was a feeling of constantly being out of place. Your identity is juxtaposed with surroundings that don’t match.”

“You are always the other, so you create your own ecosystem that you piece together with what’s in front of you…”

“…and that becomes your world.”

“Judith grew up in an interracial intercultural Family, deeply rooted in the values of her parents’ home countries, always celebrating the unique vantage point that each culture provides.”

“We’ve found such belonging in each other, making it easy and exciting to write our story together.”

“It’s changed so much since Neal lived here, and there’s so much possibility ahead of it.”

“We wanted to have our wedding in El Paso because it’s a city of promise, a city of tomorrow.”

  “It has romance and big open skies, the perfect stage for our new adventure.”

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