{ karin & rishad } malaga, spain. palacio monte miramar + hacienda la biznaga + alhambra granada


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  • Karin

    They look amazing! Thank you for capturing our wedding so beautifully.

  • Fatima khan

    Wow what beautiful pictures guys! Xx

  • Amin Natasha and zerlina

    Beautiful pictures. Gets memories back

  • YW

    Wow, so amazing! Thank you, K&R, for such a wonderful experience and for your terrific photographers for capturing it all for us to remember!!

  • Jennifer

    So beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your special moments with us.

  • Sharmila and darshan

    Beautiful photos- you can feel the sun and happiness!

  • Sharmeen

    Fantastic pictures. I love the way they have captured the joy, the laughter and the unguarded moments. Lovely.

  • Fabulous :)

  • Rich Wu

    Thank you for this gift, Dan. And congrats, Karin and Rishad! Your joy is palpable in these photos :) Peace to you both for the road ahead.

  • Habiba Manji

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. Still remembering wonderful time we all had at your wedding.

  • Rishma

    Fabulous photos of a fabulous wedding.

  • Amazing! This is a very very complete wedding post. ¡Congratulations!

  • Ariana Nathani

    absolutely perfect! these photos are a beautiful representation of an amazing weekend!

  • Vina

    Congrats Karin and Rishad! What a beautiful joy filled wedding! Amazing job Dan, Sarah and team.

  • James Tanaz and Sirena

    Lovely pics xxx

  • 好開心分亨到您們結婚相片, 祝福您們永遠幸福快樂!

  • Rishi & Farzana

    Congratulations Karin and Rishad, thanks for sharing the memories with us, your photos are soo amazing! Look forward to seeing you next time were in London and wishing you properly.

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  • Babacar

    Amazing – beautiful pics – congrats again!

  • des

    i can only imagine how much fun you guys had shooting this. very cool! \m/

  • Kandi and Ray

    Darling you look gorgeous and Rish, you look FAB! hehe. :)

  • Muswa

    Magnifique!! Tous mes voeux de bonheur!

  • March 24, 2011 – 1:04 pm Karen & Brian – Exquisite photos of a beautiful and joyful wedding! Love the lighting, love the artsy look and photos were so comfortable and candid. Zac and Whitney……… GORGEOUS! May your life together be as fabulous as your wedding.