{ kat & scott } nyc.


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  • Ann Tran

    GREAT PICS! Successfully captured their love & personalities as it shined through the pics with their facial expressions & all the affection. SO CUTE! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Fav is the colored pic where theyre kissing in front of the bridge lights view. Congrats you 2. love you guys!


  • Rosemary

    Amazing photos of an amazing couple! Love how I can totally imagine them acting silly and goofy in between takes. The smiles on their faces and the love in their eyes are so genuine. Our little kitty kat is all grown up :) Congrats again to the lovely pair!

  • Michelle Tran

    WOW! These are amazing photos! Love Love Love!

  • kat

    Dan&Sarah, Oh my goodness… I can’t… stop… looking at these… I absolutely love them! Can’t wait for the party! I mean… wedding… :)

  • Thanh

    Stunning! So many years has passed and watching you two grow has inspired me in so many ways. I love how a lot of these pictures captured such precious moments of the love you both share. I love you guys! Congrats and blessings to many many more years filled with love, laughter, and happiness.

  • Savannah Mendez

    Omg! Kat & Scott look amazing! My favorite pictures are the ones in the carousel bc it shows their goofy sides. They are very playful couple! Oh, and I love the pictures on the Empire State Building too!! Having known them for 10 yrs, it’s such a great feeling to witness how much growth they both have!! Yay!! XOXO Savannah

  • Jacqueline T

    Loved all of the pictures, way too hard for me to choose just one favorite! Amazing work!

  • LeTran

    My favorite is the one with Scott’s cigar lit up. It’s so artsy & in the moment!!!!!! <3 awesome night shots!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to celebrate.

  • wow you guys are so talented. I love your work so much. Thank you for inspiring me!