{ katie & neal } sitges, spain.



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  • Gorgeous! These are bringing back so many great memories. Loving the two of you in front of the church, Neal in the hammock, and, of course, everyone breaking it down on the dance floor.

  • Aric

    Katie and Neal look great, captured their celebration perfectly. The photos look phenomenal! Colors pop and great composition.

  • Craig Berman

    To Photographer,

    You captured this amazing wedding so well! I’m sure Katie and Neal are pleased. What happened to the drunk-in-the-pool-at-1am photos?!

    To Katie & Neal: you guys look awesome and so happy. Good stuff! Much better than my blurry photos. What happened to the drunk-in-the-pool-at-1am photos?!

  • Wonderful photographs.

  • Kenny

    Beautiful! Y’all look amazing. Congratulations!

  • Scarlet

    These photos are lovely!!! Katie and Neal look fantastic. What did happen to those drunk-in-the-pool-at-1am photos?!

  • Brian

    The photographs look fantastic. Love the variety. Proof people laughed at my speech (or at least I laughed at my own speech).

  • Monica

    These are wonderful! I was so sad to miss the day, but these help make me feel like I was there. You guys look stunning!

  • Rashid

    These photographs are absolutely magical. Congratulations! Can’t imagine having to choose which photos to print and frame.

  • Dora Jackson

    photograghs really captured the wedding & events – simply wonderful & captive bride/groom photo shoots.

  • Kellie Battle

    Awwwww!! So lovely!! congrats!

  • Jerome

    Neal, these photos are magnificent! Congrats! I wish I was there!

  • Sharika

    You both look great! Phenomenal pictures – congratulations again.

  • tim

    beautiful pictures and fantastic looking weding. congratulations.

  • Christopher Wheeler

    Congratulations! What a beautiful wedding. The photographs are beyond amazing!

  • Minnie Cruce

    I love the pictures. I especially like the black and whites. (no pun intended)I don’t know if I have ever seen “love” expressed in a more beautiful way. Excellent photography.

  • As a fellow photographer, I have to say that your work inspires me in many ways! What a blessing to be able to travel to all these amazing locations doing what you love! Such special couples and weddings, it’s easy to see your passion in the images.