{ lauren & matt }

they’re no longer kissing through the phone.

these next few photos show lauren’s reaction to a surprise video matt had planned for her.
before their ‘kiss me through the phone‘ video played there was another video that lauren was unaware of..
she had expressed dismay over the fact that they didn’t have any photos taken when matt first asked her to marry him
little did she know that we were behind the scenes filming the whole thing.

they partied hard :)
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  • emily

    a. awesome photos, per usual
    b. umm where can i get her slippers!??

  • Annie

    Dan and David, Awesome pictures!!! You captured their personalities! Loved the collection of Lauren’s reaction to the proposal video!

  • Gorgeous wedding!!!

  • Wow how much fun can you have at one wedding.!!!!!


  • Taylor

    awesome pics lauren
    Taylor “G”