{ lauren & trevor } chicago

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  • Paula Rehahn-Hill

    Congratulations, Trevor and Lauren!

    It’s evident you’ve got a good thing going. Your fun-loving-ness shows, plus you’ve survived puppyhood! Your boy is adorable! We made our relationship official when we got our second cat, thought it was time.

    You broke the mold with your engagement photos and are they ever great!

    I’ve know your Mom since 1963, Trevor, when we lived in the same dorm.

    May good health and laughter fill your lives!

    Every best wish,


  • Mom

    Beautiful pictures. Beautiful people.love it,

  • Gretchen and Erik

    Beautiful pics! Great setting, great couple, adorable doggie! Can’t wait for the big day :)

  • Gordy

    Hey Lauren,
    Great lookin’ dude you got there, Almost matchin’ hair colors, ‘n what great expressive eyes. That guy w/you in the glasses ain’t bad either. Me thinks there’s good times ahead fer all three of ya! See ya at the party


  • Jill Churchman

    Wow! Such fun photos. Love to see Chicago. I too have know your mom, Trevor, since Upsala.
    Blessings for the special day coming up.