{ mirta & parkson } up in the air.

so when we first started brainstorming for mirta and parkson’s engagement shoot
we had it in mind to shoot at o’hare since they have a history involving travel.
these guys were doing long distance when mirta was teaching english in japan
and now she teaches spanish in chicago, pretty cool :)
anyways, because of restrictions and whatnot the o’hare suits weren’t about to let us shoot there.
so i thought, if we can’t get permission to shoot inside the airport
then why not just buy some cheap tix somewhere and make like we’re tourists on vacation!
so that’s what we did and this little e-session turned out to be a long journey there and back again
from ORD -> LAX ->ORD.


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  • Coolest. Shoot. Ever.

  • Mirta

    Hey Dan! They turned out GRRREAT!! :) We can’t thank you enough for travelling all the way there and back with us. We kinda missed having you around and hearing that camera snapping all over the place – y’kno, the sound that my brother’s camera doesn’t make :) Anyway, thanks again!!!

  • when you told me about this, i knew it was going to be epic. why not stay at least a day there or something. hahahaha what a long day!

  • oh my word, this is Epic!

  • Joe

    Sweet pics Dan! When you told me about this travel trip I didn’t know it was with Mirta and Parkson, congratulations to you two by the way! Did you know that Mirta and I went to the same church in high school? My favorite shot is definitely the one with Antonio in it, that dude is beautiful haha

  • love this Dan. How you got photos in those cramped spaces is beyond me. And I’m surprised you didn’t get shut down for taking photos by the authorities! nice.

  • Masaki

    Really enjoyed this set! Way to subvert the system.

  • This shoot was INSANE. Craziest shoot i’ve ever seen. Crazy logistically but crazy GOOD images mainly.

  • Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Good call on the plane ticket idea. These pictures are too good to never have happened.

  • I love the storytelling!! These are crazy good, I love it! Keep up the good work.

  • Dan you soon rule, these are amazing. I feel like a proud papa.

  • Really cool set. The idea is just fabulous, and I love that you start at their house and end on the car ride back to the airport. Just a really fun concept, well-executed.

  • What a great idea for a well traveled couple :) That would have been a cute idea for my fiance and I since we met (well, physically in person anyway) at London Heathrow Airport.

  • Eunice

    love these, dan! doesn’t hurt that they’re a good-looking couple, but i love the concept, the lighting, and how something that can be ordinary looks inspiring and original! !!!

  • Guille

    Man these pics are super awesome.. love the vintage feel on these and very original idea =) i’m so happy for the both of you!