{ molli & jason } kansas city, MO.

kemper museum of contemporary art & design


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  • Every post, every wedding – you guys capture something unique, amazing and stunning. Love this.

  • kelti bailey

    WOW!! These are so incredible! Truly captured all the moments! IN LOVEEE!!

  • Donna Boyd

    Dan, the photos you have on your blog of my daughter Molli Boyd and her new husband Jason Ittel are breathtaking…We are all blown away! How we got so fortunate to have found you, we don’t know, but these are the most incredibly spectacular pieces of art we have ever seen. We cannot wait to see the rest. My faves: bride and groom alone in art museum cafe and the outdoor photos with the giant shuttlecock. You are a gifted artist. Wow! Thank you so much

  • Lindsey Smith

    great pics!!!!!! great time!!! Great wedding!!!!

  • Aunt Linda

    Love the pics !!!! Love the couple!!!

  • Anna Grodzinsky

    The pics are beautiful and really captured the day!! Adorable pics and adorable couple!

  • Dan! Amazing work! You and your assistant were a pleasure to work with on Molli and Jason’s wedding day. Your spirit is calm and cool…exactly what a couple needs on their wedding day!

    Much Success,
    Lynn Henderson, Wedding Planner
    Above & Beyond Weddings

  • What a gorgeous photo display! I felt like I was practically at this gorgeous wedding. Really well-done. Congrats to the photographer.

  • Well someone has be first and I am usually last….I just saw the pictures from Molli and Jason’s wedding in Kansas City…absolutely amazing!

    You have captured their special moments and memories in a unique and creative manner that not only tells their wedding story but captures their happiness and joy in beautiful images that will forever be a source of happiness and reflection not only for Molli and Jason, but for all who shared in their special time in Kansas City!!

    Absolutely awesome work, thank you! dwboyd