{ puja & stephen } day after shoot, singapore.

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  • kendra

    stunning images, dan. nice nice nice work.

  • Puja

    Dan I cannot tell you how happy we are we decided to go with Chennergy. We have received so many comments from friends on how stunning your images are, and I wanted to say that there are so many candid moments that were captured that we would have never remembered if not for your “ninja camera skills”. You captured so many beautiful moments for us. The funny thing is we were so busy enjoying ourselves with all of our guests over the weekend that the wedding went by so quickly, so the maxim is really true that the pictures are how you remember it. Sara’s video and your images help remind us that it truly was a fairytale wedding that we were blessed to have, and now we have fairytale pictures too. Thanks again.

  • Sara

    These pictures are all so gorgeous, but this is by far my favorite set of pictures…I love the one where you can only see their reflection in the mirror, true art! It was an amazing wedding and you captured it so beautifully

  • hey dan and team
    were all blown away back here in singers
    your photographs are absolutley amazing..
    i just checked the photo blog out for the 10th time!!!
    i am a dabbler when it comes to photography.. you have inspired me to buy that 5D ive been umm-ing and arr-ing about!!!
    i own the Shack where you shot that night.. if you ever passing though singers again.. let us know…we wld be keen to get you to take some shots of our new venue that opens in may(behind the Shack)
    christian from tiger beer land!!!!

  • gorgeous! we have been plugging all of your posts through facebook to our friends and the reactions have been unanimous. hope we’ll see you guys again sometime.