{ puja & stephen } day 1, singapore.

the indian ceremony on day 1 of puja and stephen’s wedding events.


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  • Sheerah

    ummmmmmmmmmmmm, this his been my favorite wedding set yet. i adored the colors. and that woman has eyes from another world.

  • dave

    animated GIF!

  • tiff wong

    a-friggin-mazing! dan, you are one talented man. thanks for using your gifts and not hiding them!!

  • You’re work is beautiful and technique is unique for wedding documentary style. I have been to a lot of Indian weddings and you captured the moments perfectly. I am going to rave about you on my blog. I will always come back to your site to see your latest and greatest work.

  • Ev Loa

    Awesome photos! I’m getting a high just by looking at the photos!