{ sarah & josh } alexandria, va

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  • shuang

    i’m hyperventilating aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Peter Huang

    This is soooo bewwwtifulll lol ( that’s beautiful) you two look models ;) :p I love you guys!!!

  • Jackie Ho

    loooove!!! you both look fantastic :) dan pulled some serious magic…

  • patricia

    these are amazingggggggg and so cute!! model statusss

  • Johnson Fan

    It’s great! So many beautiful picture ! You should make it a photo album.

  • Josh F

    wow! photoshop does wonders!! thanks so much Dan

  • Kenneth Kim

    Korean drama got looking couple!!! ✌

  • Josh F.

    loved the personal touch too! definitely captures our personalities. I am still mad at Dave for showing you that video. Photos turned out great!

  • Laura C

    Sarah is looking like a boss in that kayak! These are so amazing. Love, love, love all these pictures. Chennergy strikes again.

  • shuang

    Dan, you are a wizard!!!!!!! a wizard who uses his power for good. thank you.

  • June

    Sarah looks hothot!!!!!

  • Nancy Huang

    Dan’s touch is truly magical. What else could it be other than a fishing boat? It’s brilliant! “Josh is doing what he loves with the person he loves.” – That is dad’s comment.

  • Jamie

    These are soooooooooo amazing! The alley pics look so gangsta! How will you ever decide which ones to print and frame? I see why chennergy is your wedding photographer :)

  • Angela fan

    Praise The Lord! Fantastic photoes look like artistic paintings. You two made the fishing a real fun!

  • Jane

    AHHHHHH!!! you guys are adooorrrraaabbbllleee!! i just want to squish your faces!! y’all be lookin’ super fiiiine! :) :)

  • Mary & Sam

    Love the awesome photos!! Can’t wait for the epic wedding pics.

  • TL

    dan – you did a GREAT job capturing J+S model-worthy BEAUTY and their super adorable mushinessssssssssssssss. so proud of all of you!!!!!

  • Jenny T.

    Sorry for the lateness, but congratulations! I know I said it too late Josh, sorry! I know you won’t accept my apology but its fine…have a great time planning everything! Good luck y’all! :)

  • Panney & Chris Chen

    Congratulations! We are thrilled for you! These pics look so sweet and really capture you both. Our fave…the Lunker Plunker!!! You both look great and we can’t wait to celebrate with you ;) Lots of love, Panney, Chris & Talia