st. bartholomew and per se, nyc.

“salad of globe artichokes”
greenmarket carrots, pickled garlic, parsley puree,
cipollini onion shoots and ‘pain de campagne’

“sauteed fillet of atlantic halibut”
mushrooms ‘a la grecque’, compressed radishes,
celery branch and watercress

“macaroni and cheese”
butter poached nova scotia lobster
parmesan crisp, creamy lobster broth
and mascarpone-enriched orzo

“marcho farms’ nature fed veal”
caraway seed ‘pain perdu’, roasted heirloom beets,
horseradish-scented kendall farms’ creme fraiche,
garden mache and ‘borscht’

“chocolate vs. vanilla”
chocolate ‘financier’, valrhona chocolate ganache,
madagascar vanilla bean custard, candied coco nibs
and bitter chocolate mousse

“coconut and mango delice”
lime curd, coconut ‘success’
and mango sorbet


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  • Bethany and Sage

    Wow Dan the pictures are stunning! We are thrilled with all of the photos that you took in NYC and India. Thank you so much again for capturing this special moment of our lives. You truly are a genius!

  • Aks

    Amazing as always, Dan! They capture the mood so exquisitely. Quite brilliant. Bravo!

  • Alyssa

    Truly the most amazing wedding and photography I’ve ever seen!!

  • Shyam

    ditto on Alyssa…..these are brilliant!

  • Nathan and Karrie

    These are the most fantastic wedding pictures we have ever seen. We wouldn’t expect anything less, considering you two are are a fantastic couple. We had an amazing time. Thank you. Love you both!!!

  • Melanie and Chris

    The pictures in NYC are just as amazing as the ones in India!! They are all just gorgeous and truly captured the most amazing wedding!