{ stephanie & jon } a roadtrip wedding.

this one was a bit nontraditional.
instead of having their loved ones go to them, they went to their loved ones.
stephanie and jon’s wedding celebration started in the bay area and ended in chicago.
i was along for the ride for the first half of that trip.
we drove down along the west coast and i went as far as the southwest with them.
along the way they exchanged specially prepared vows before their family and friends.
and after the exchange of these vows they shared a meal together.
and in between these mini ceremonies we managed to fit in some photo time :)
the journey begins in a backyard…

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  • Joy

    These are so stunning. I’ve never seen a wedding like this – not even a little bit. You are such a special couple, and what a blessing it was to be a part of your celebration!

  • Sarah Probst Miller

    What an amazing fun time!~
    And a beautiful collection of photos and memories to cherish always!
    Congrats on a year!

  • Victor

    Stephanie – I remember how pretty you looked in the blue-and-yellow dress – but I had forgotten how amazing the white dress was in the tea ceremony pictures.

    Jonathan – you look like an action hero when you’re leaning out the driver side car window in the desert. Awesome!

    Your photographer’s preview page looks great! I’m sure the wedding website update will be equally cool :)

  • May

    You guys look like you had so much fun. What a great way to start your life together with an amazing adventure with friends and family. Your East Coast leg of the trip to come?

  • Kim

    Steph! These are amazing and you guys look amazing. May your laughter and happiness be as timeless as these photos!

  • Holly

    What a beautiful collection. The ones in Monterey and Utah (?), and the ones on the road, are my favorites.

  • Tara Grabarczyk

    Those pictures and experiences are amazing! Who gets so many gorgeous backdrops for wedding photos?! Truly stunning and so creative. Congrats on a wonderful year of marriage.