taj falaknuma and chowmahalla palaces, india.

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  • angie

    WHAT the WHAT!?!?! … !!!

  • unbelievable!!! beautiful and so dramatic. GREAT JOB

  • Karrie and Nathan Andres

    Oh my… These pictures are incredible. You look beautiful. Like Royalty

  • Connie Wanberg

    Love them, Sri….I looked right away. Unbelievable. Like a movie site.

  • Rupa

    Those are wow! What a lovely, atmospheric event it must have been. You all look wonderful! – Rupa

  • Richa

    The feudal glamor of these pics!!!! I love the one of Bethany standing framed by the doorway, arm akimbo, so at ease with all the six yards of her unstitched garment! :-))

  • Addie Pritchard

    Wow! Exquisite! Congratulations.

  • Salone

    These picture take me back in time to era of elegance and grandeur – so rich and graceful. Wow!!! Aks, Sri Just wonderful!

  • Jeanne Anderson

    We’ve been waiting for these! Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your fairy tale wedding.

  • naseem sen

    Fantastic. Simply superb.

  • Absolutely fabulous!! Simply a dream!

  • Lisanna Gabriel

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!! :-)

  • Hashima Hasan

    Beautiful pictures. Bring back memories of the beautiful evening in Hyderabad. Loads of good wishes to the bride and groom.