{ zeli & yam } st. andrew’s, singapore.


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  • Jing

    Beautiful!! I love the moments captured. Each has it’s own story!

  • zeli

    THANK YOU!! we love the photos! <3

  • Amy

    Dearest Jelly & Gray,

    You may not be the conventional princess, but you have the most refreshing loveliness ever, to be the queen of genuineness and candidness.

    Applause to your beautiful love story that will have lots of forever-more moments.

    Jia You!

  • Zeli! Wonderful wonderful photos! Hope you have a blessed marriage! I remember how you were worried about not being able to get married last time and here you are :D

  • Thanks for the pics! love the angles and vision you have for the images. :)

  • Peiqiu

    Congrats! Beautiful photos! Remember to always take them out to admire, especially during the down times.. Always remember your love for each other and for God, in goodand bad times, it’s the happy memories that keep you going, go on and make many more beautiful memories together!

  • Ju Ann

    very nice photos. do remember that marriage is about give and take. yam hwee, my advice to u is you’d better give it to her or she’ll take it anyway.

  • Jintao

    Dear Ze Li, I was very very happy to attend your wedding service. I looked at every pic you posted here. Your smile is most beautiful smile I saw. May God’s grace and happiness be with you and your husband. God bless. -From Jintao