humanism is not the goal.

life isn’t just something particular to humans.

the challenge of sustainable energy– it takes energy to produce energy.
a problem, because humans consume, and waste, so much of it.
and for the most banal of purposes.
to fuel meaning.

life isn’t just something particular to humans.

value does not have to be an effect. it can be an affect.
not the impression of a calculus. an indication of trauma.
your sense of self-worth. what is it an effect of?
meaning. does it have to be about you?

life isn’t just something particular to humans.

life, clearly, is something we share with non-humans.
but humans have souls. but humans have reason.
and why is this a good thing?
it is not. it is merely moral.
and it is a commission.
to reproduce.

life isn’t particular to humans. death is.
it takes energy to produce energy.

sustainable energy? sustainable power.

it is an effect of meaning.
all your life you have been dependent on it.
power. authority. God.
on production.

the God of Meat.

dependency breeds assurance.
insurance. 15 minutes can save you 15% or more
…on indifference.
the only thing sustainable without expending energy:


you want to disappear.
but you’re not allowed to.
you have yet to exist.

walking dead.

humanism in the realm of the dead.
human rights. political morality.
relative to what standard, deemed by who?

so we set the oppressed free.
into a world of…meat.
to discover different chains.
of pleasure. and production.
of indifference.

free minds do not amount to free bodies.
the mind can more or less move, the imagination can wander.
the body knows only the weight of gravity and dependency.

that is…if this is how the mind perceives it.
reduces it to an object of imagination.
binary thinking instills hierarchy.
produces categories and order.
inside vs outside.
mapping the body.

not humanism.

but the mind has so much thought.
but the body is so much affected.
the capacity for which, is not particular to humans.

life isn’t just something particular to humans.

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