aborted margins

“the unconscious is the discourse of the Other.”
– Jacques Lacan, “Seminar on the ‘Purloined Letter'” in Ecrits.

abortion rhetoric is niaiserie.
pro-life is not disparate of pro-death.
hence the niaiserie, it is inherently self-nihilating.
to be pro-anything is utterly unethical.
to be ‘pro-‘ is to posit one’s self.
‘pro-‘ as ‘in favor of’ or ‘on behalf of’?
‘in favor of’, as self-pro-duction.
‘on behalf of’, to stand-in-for, to re-present.
a re-presentation of the ‘pro-‘, the self, that of being.
to be pro- is to be pro-being, is to be.
and being is always sein-zum-tode.
pro-life mired in a tautological economy of nihilism.
long live the life of pro-life which lives itself in semantic death!
the life that chooses death for the Other.
to be pro is to be excessively self-conscious.
hence intentional.
and intentionality destroys phenomenality.
it aborts it.

pro-life self-aborts in its abortiveness.

pro-life is mired in its phallogocentrism.
pro-life presupposes a phallus that disseminates.
and all dissemination is proliferation.
the disseminating pro-life-ration of the pro-life,
undermines the conceptual grounds upon which it is pro-duced.
it is not ‘on behalf’ (as if this were even possible) of the possibility of life
that pro-life stands-in-for (which it can’t).
it is ‘on behalf’ of itself that it self-positions as being pro-life.
indeed, it is to be-half, for this self is splintered from its inception.
splintered precisely because the self which is pro is pro-duct of being self-aborted.
self-aborted as not coming-into-being (from the latin ab+orior),
due to its dissemination that lands on no reference
that cannot create without an Other
that cannot Be without an Other.
and yet it is the Other that pro-life aborts ‘on behalf of’ itself- ‘life’.

pro-life aborts its-self in its ab-ortive-ness.

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