le spectre du gardenia x marcel jean

more ‘art’ from SF MOMA.
a clearer representation can be seen here.

disembodied head of la univers;
χάος object-ified into apollonian form?
shades of prometheus bound.
what of the body?
aborted earth in favor of
artificial tactile materiality?
velvet skin. brass eye-lid. celluloid collar.
surreal headcoverings for the sur-real woman
forced into blindness, into submission, into exhibition.
the gaze objectifies the objectified mute of response.
leashed by frames of a once-lived life, now cadaverous memories
choked by re-presentations of life,
her soul is sealed off by what man seals on
seals himself,
self-incarceration that sustains le regard,
being vital on this side of life.
-neath tactile structure, -hind sealed windows,
what is outside this dark glass that keeps us in –
tearless, soulless, is this not
the portrait of us?

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