philosoheroes: jacques derrida

making this one was quite self-revealing.
i didn’t realize how much of my own thoughts had been influenced by derrida.
or how much nietzsche and derrida are similar.

click here for larger view!

i swapped out former dasein rating category ‘dialectic abilities’ for ‘creativity’ cause i thought it was too similar to both ‘bullshitting powers’ and ‘esoterity’. anyways, i’ll keep fudging with the card details. let me know what you guys think! and if you disagree with any of the ratings/details for derrida. obviously its not so easy to distill such great thinkers into a few categories. clearly the back of spider-man’s hero card did not properly reflect or do any justice whatsoever to the hero he actually was ;)

did anyone catch my use of the loren ipsum filler text? or get why i used it? :)

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  • Marcus

    Please make more of these.