philosoheroes: jean-paul sartre

 so the inspiration behind this one was ‘doctor octopus’
i have to go back and make decartes a villain as well.

ESOTERITY: how difficult it is to understand the philosopher’s ideas
INVULNERABILITY TO METAPHYSICS: the degree to which the philosopher is not bound by illusory notions of being/truth
TENSION PROJECTION: the degree to which the philosopher’s work is controversial
HERMENEUTIC POWERS: the degree to which the philosopher is able to interpret and translate
CREATIVE ABILITY: how creative the philosopher’s work/thoughts are, or the degree to which they communicate creatively
SUSPENSION CAPACITY: the degree to which the philosopher is original and able to suspend assumptions

the scale of 1-7 is somewhat of a joke and not to be taken seriously. although it is somewhat accurate in relation to the rating categories. i dont think much of logicians so they are at the bottom. and although i dont think much of theologians either, they are at the top somewhat ironically cause they’re even crazier than philosophers. :)

BEST ATTACK COMBO: this refers to the best works (in my opinion) of understanding the philosopher’s thought
WEAPONS OF CHOICE: this refers to either the philosopher’s main ideas or methodology

The small print at the bottom reads: Philosohero Tradingcards based on the 1992 Marvel Superhero Card Collection

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