philosopheroes: rene descartes

i didn’t realize that this one would be so fun to make haha
as much as i side against cartesian thought the dude was a genius.

click for enlargement.

the ratings for descartes were more difficult than anticipated.
for creativity, i did not factor in his mathematical contributions, only his philosophical.
bullshitting powers were low cause the dude was most likely too religiously devout to bullshit.
absurdity was difficult, i had to take into account his skepticism and tense relationship with the church.
my favorite part of the card is the mind-body dualism weapon haha

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  • dan

    hm. i havent thought about the organization and structure of the whole card system too thoroughly yet…i’m realizing that the cards and profiles are pretty difficult to make. and i’m kinda doing it at random right now and only with philosophers i’m well read on. it’s taking me a while to do the next one..stuck on the ‘hero’ or perhaps ‘villain’ alias for kant. he’d probably be on the dogmatists as well haha.